What we do

At maid to bee clean, our purpose extends bee-yond just solving your pain points of a clean house. But Our Primary Purpose Is Simple, Supporting Our Community By:

Promoting eco-friendly

By offering bee-friendly cleaning products and services, Maid to Bee Clean can help reduce the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides that can harm bees and other pollinators. This can create a safer and healthier environment for bees to thrive in.

Donating to bee conservation organizations
Maid to Bee Clean will donate a portion of its profits to organizations that are dedicated to bee conservation and habitat restoration. This can help support efforts to protect bee
populations and restore their natural habitats.

Raising awareness
Maid to Bee Clean can use its platform to raise awareness about the importance of bees for the environment and the threats they face. By educating its customers and promoting eco-friendly practices, the company can help inspire others to take action to protect bees and support their survival.

Supporting sustainable agriculture
Maid to Bee Clean can partner with sustainable agriculture organizations and promote practices that are beneficial for bees and other pollinators. This can include planting bee-friendly flowers, reducing pesticide use, and creating habitats for bees in agricultural landscapes.

By taking these actions, Maid to Bee Clean can contribute to the protection of bees and inspire others to take action to support bee conservation efforts.

We’re a Leading Cleaning Company

We strive to make a difference within our community and environment

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Maid to Bee Clean, Your Hive Our Purpose

Not only do we pride ourselves in our exceptional services, our purpose and priority lies within supporting our community

From promoting eco-friendly practices to contributing to the protection of bees, Maid to Bee Clean has the opportunity through our cleaning services to give back to our community. We have formed a valuable partnership with Blessed Beginnings, and we are enthusiastically volunteering our time and effort to assist them in assembling baskets for women in need within our local community.

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